Acoustic Interaction

Good morning fans! When I set out to make music, I think I knew how much I love moving people and making people feel. I like making people’s lives better and every little bit I can do to help. That’s why I’m so thankful for these acoustic gigs – I get to see the results immediately! I’m really flattered that people enjoy my originals so much. What a rush it is to see someone smiling and bouncing their head to one of your very own songs while you’re singing it! I also enjoy playing a cover whenever I can. Life seems to work in interrelated patterns. A week ago at my Donatos Black Blick Bar gig, a woman seemed unhappy but requested Dylan’s Lay Lady Lay. After I played it, she was happy, the bar had a nice vibe to it and I was really happy! A week later I was at my Hop Yard 62 gig and a couple came out to see me. I was telling them on break how happy this request for Lay Lady Lay made the woman. The man’s face lit up and said he put it on a mixtape for his wife when they were first dating and asked if I’d play it again! I sure did and I enjoyed yet another connected moment making others’ lives better.

This week I’ll be back in Clintonville at Savor Pint on Saturday, January 28. It’s on Indianola just south of Morse Road. I’ll begin around 7:30 and play two to three hours depending on how those moments are happening. There’s no cover and it’s really family friendly. Perhaps I’ll see you there!




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