Collaboration of Moondance

Today I wish to write how rich it is for everyone involved in the collaborative process.  In the worst of situations you learn something new – in the best of situations a new gift of both music and camaraderie is the gift.  Last night I had the pleasure of being a guest at the local Irish rock band, 9 Castle Close.  I had prepared a few songs, per their request, added Moondance though it’s been a little while since I’ve played it on guitar and sang it.  Beth, the flute player of Nine Castle Close, has a special bond with this song through collaborating with another band of mine, the Woosley Band. Thus – she already knew her part, but I had to have faith in my guitar abilities as there wasn’t much time to prepare.  Check out the recordings of Moondance with the Woosley Band and with Nine Castle Close’s rhythm section with me on guitar and vocals.  Both magical groups and ripe with camaraderie.
Moondance – at Byrnes

Moondance – Woosley Band


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