Happy 2016 – Yes, It’s Been Great!

As we wind downjanus 2016 and steer our ships towards 2017, I must reach out to my fans and clients and give you a hearty thank you!  I am appreciative of the fact I now have more appealing opportunities available than I can say yes to.  I’m in a position to continue honing in towards the song, while getting a nice dose of classical too! I hope, more than anything, that I can make the world a better place through song.

It is clear, from what I can offer and from what the world needs, that I’ll continue to wear many hats. I am a songwriter down to the core, and I look forward to seeing my songs flourish in 2017. I am satisfied carrying that ambition while playing classical piano, singing rock and roll while playing piano and guitar, and playing cocktail events.

It has been a huge year for my rock guitar playing. I released a DH Experiment album! I also joined The Jeffs as their lead guitarist and it has been inspiring for everyone – the band, me and the fans!  The Jeffs released a really awesome EP!

Also I plan on deepening my role as a teacher.  I hope this is the year I organize my ideas through writing and in turn, can share these with willing readers and students.  I also marvel at how working with my students becomes more fulfilling and amazing every year.

I have one last gig in 2016, my regular dinner engagement at Jefferson Country Club, and I’m so lucky to be able to play what I want – and it seems to be what the listeners want.  For that, the fact I’m tuned in with so many willing fans and clients, I am so thankful to be able to live such a creative, musical, and most of all – free – life!

Thanks everyone, because I would not have any of this without you.




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