It’s the Jeffs!

0009015823_100I’m happy to share I’ve been with The Jeffs for an entire year now!  We’ve played everything from a variety show to massive corporate party to giant outdoor festivals.  In addition to the great gigs, rehearsals are full of camaraderie and creativity.  Joining them has fulfilled my dream of being a lead guitarist for a rock band.  The proof is in the many enjoyable shows and the four-song E.P. produced by Fred Blitzer and Jeff Tobin – both creative geniuses, by the way!  Download or listen to the E.P. here at:
Our 2017 calendar is filling up fast and we constantly add new material to the mix.  I hope to see you Wednesday, January 18 at the Big Room Bar.  The music begins at 9 – and we play a couple songs live on the radio around 9:45 on CD 102.5. The Jeffs at Big Room Bar – Facebook Event

Good thing I love to practice and play the guitar!


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