The Mustangos debut Saturday!

Hi friends,
I just wanted to take a moment to invite you to come listen to my music this Saturday night because it will be the first time with my brand new band!  We’re called The Mustangos and it is geared at rocking out my originals.

The fun begins at the Tree Bar Saturday, July 15 at 9 p.m. with The Happening Band.   Think of Geoff Wilcox’s The Happening Band as your basement jam session and they entertain as well as sound great!  Next in the lineup at 10 is the young group SILVIS.  I would describe them as upbeat and catchy.  Joining me as we play the last set at 11 will be Zahn Krava on guitar, Myke Rock on bass and Frank Lapinski on drums.  These guys can play!

Details: For more information, click the picture!

The Mustangos, SILVIS and The Happening -

The Tree Bar is located at 887 Chambers Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43212






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