Art Show Piano and Jazz Trio Soon!

Art Show Piano and Jazz Trio Soon!

Doug has been invited to play solo piano for one of Upper Arlington’s finest artists this Thursday evening.  Joseph Angelo Anastasi is presenting his lifetime of work and the opening is Thursday from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the Concourse Gallery in Upper Arlington.  From paintings and drawings of Columbus’ homeless, to landscapes and still lifes in various mediums, Anastasi captures the spirit of the people and places in his art. Join us in taking a look into the people and places Anastasi has captured throughout his art career.

Doug plays a variety of styles, but favors mostly jazz-tinged pop drawing from the great American songbook to Tom Petty and the Beatles.  He enjoys sharing his original compositions as well.

Anastasi will be giving an artist talk in the Council Chambers at 6pm.

Concourse Gallery
3600 Tremont Rd.
Columbus, OH 43221



Doug Hare Trio is playing again.

Doug Hare Trio is excited to be back at Rambling House. They shot a video there almost exactly two years ago for a Christmas Video series that their very talented friends Dan Mitchell and Eric Clemens created.

Doug Hare Trio’s rendition of Joy To the World


Doug Hare Trio is a high energy instrumental group that plays a mix of original compositions and covers focusing on fusion and funk with a tip of the hat towards hard bop and contemporary jazz.  Doug Hare is a self-taught rock and roll pianist who expanded later in life into jazz and classical.  Steve Perakis, bass, draws from a wide range of traditional jazz, rock and roll and fusion.  Danny Aguiar, percussionist, brings his Brazilian roots to every concert and also infuses his parts with a wide range of styles.  Together, the three members of Doug Hare Trio create music that is never the same twice but always accessible and intriguing.

They open for Le Plow, an Americana band full of good vibes and original music. Music starts at 9 p.m. Tickets are $10.

The Rambling House
310 E. Hudson St.
Columbus, OH 43202