The Devil Doves - click for more info
The Devil Doves recently released their new album Commit To the Bit and I am so honored and excited to be joining them for their next show to play guitar on a handful of songs.
Linden Hollow will open for The Devil Doves during the early show and The Devil Doves will open for Linden Hollow for the late show to keep things fair and square. 😉 They have some surprises in store for both shows and are so grateful to have Natalie’s and an October crescent moon as a backdrop for a spooky celebration. They want you to feel the music in your bones!

As posted on http://www.jazzcolumbus.com/   One of my last gigs was an ominous gig on Friday the 13th called “Retrograde Raid” ushering in the Ides of March.  Through these days of devastation, gigs of all sorts – recurring private parties, fundraisers, recitals, and regular pub gigs –...